Democracy lawsuit raw has erupted among the policy makers and Journalists worldwide

The World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) has the right to observe the malicious cases, attacks, and the detentions against both traditional and citizen journalism professionals worldwide to equalize the democracy development adage by the member governments of the United Nations (UN).

The democracy lawsuit raw is not a new phenomenon matter with a lot of worry but is based on illiteracy frame. This means that there is ineffective educational system meant that lack of knowledge in a particular subject in which is the journalism skill and expression professionally whereas each part is unawareness condition towards their illiteracy caused the prolonged argue in a widespread habitat.

“According to their daily condemnation and defending message exchanges shows us the real upsets matter WOFIJ is currently stated above in which resulted this open statement with mutual concerns due to paving the way a new deal optimistic in an informative and educative manner “said WOFIJ president H. E. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud

“Everybody should take a look and have his/her say, the uncaring freedom of expression and press freedom pledges as in particularly the policy makers who heads the nations with well-armed or equipped weapons in which the journalists come from by ethnicity so could we say that it looks like unsighted media professionals development promoters” Mr. Daud added

The World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) represents the pathways media professionals who are traditional and citizen journalists as their fourth estate powerhouse. In respect with all the United Nations (UN) conventions and treats all governments and their democratic policy makers should treat the journalists the way they want to be treated in a peaceful manner if not its widely believed that pen is more powerful than ordnances.

Apart from the policy maker’s dabbed interventions, all journalists should continue their public journalistic reportage due to the ordinary society interest not for policy maker vision promotion.


For more information or interviews with Mr. Daud of WOFIJ you can be reached on or cell on +252616349997

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