WOFIJ Members List:

National Members—:

(1)——INDIA: The Indian Federation of Disaster and Intercultural Journalists (IFDIJ)

Contact Person: Soumik Dutta

Tel: +91-9831809185

Email: investigativejournalistindia@gmail.com / mahakala69@tutanota.com

Online: Twitter: #@duttauni / Skype: libertas.orationis

(2)—-ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe Environment And Science Journalists Association (ZESJA)

Contact Person: Farai Matebvu

Tel: +263 773 764 958, +263 714156967

Email: faraimatebvu@gmail.com / Enquirieszesja@gmail.com

Online: www.zesjaworld.org

(3)——Congo: The Agricultural Journalists Association of Congo (AJAC)

Contact person: Jean Baptiste Musabyimana

Tel: +243994411011

Email: musantaman@gmail.com

Online: www.ajacrdc.com


Contact Person:  Mr Alexis KADELI

Tel: +250 788300683

Email: Kadelal@yahoo.fr 


(5)—–Somalia: Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)

Contact Person: Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

Tel: Tel: +252-1-858337 Mobile: +252616349997

Email: somesha2010@gmail.com

Online: www.somesha.wordpress.com 

(6)—–Djibouti: Science and Agricultural Journalists Association of Djibouti (SAJAD)

Contact Person: Mr. Ramadan Mousa

Tel: +253 77 82 60 49

Email: ram.moussa12@gmail.com

(7)—–Kenya: Kenya Intercultural and Tourism Journalists Association (KITJA)

Contact person: George Kebaso

Tel: +254 721 774 198

Email: georgemorarah@yahoo.com

(8)—-Country: Démocratic republic of Congo (DRC).

Organization: Info-Environment newspaper and National Network for Environmental Journalists in DRC (RENJE)

Contact person: Musamu Diakwaku Jean Bernard

Tel: +234990394969/+243851617261

E-mail: jmusamudiakwaku@gmail.com or musamudiakwaku@yahoo.fr

 (9)—NAMIBIA—Media for Environment, Agriculture, Science and Sustainable Development (MEASSD)

Contact person:  Mr. Absalom Shigwedha – Chairperson

Tel: +264812950963

Email: Absalom.shigwedha@gmail.com

Associate Members:

(1)—-Somalia: Media for Peace

Contact Person: Aydarus Mohamed Abdi (Chairman)

Tel: +252 (0) 615279123

Email: chairman@mediaforpeace.org

Online: www.mediaforpeace.org

(2)——Somaliland: Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA)

Contact Person:  Mr. Yahye Mohamed

Tel: +252-63-4772121/ +252-63-4457427

Email: Solja.Ed@soljaorg.com /  xanas08@gmail.com

Online: www.soljaorg.com

(3)—–Djibouti: Syndicat de la  Presse et de l’Audio-visuel de Djibouti

Contact person: Mr. Kenedid Ibrahim Houssein

Tel: Mob (+253)  77 85 50 22 / 21 34 57 79

Email: kened_ibrahim@yahoo.fr

(4)—–Somalia: Somalia Journalists for Freedom of Expression and Tourism Organization (SOJFETO)

Contact person: Mr. Bashir Mohamed Abdi

Tel: +252612024739

Email: sojfeto@gmail.com

Regional Members:

(1)—–Eat Africa based in Kenya: East African Confederation of Agricultural Journalists (EACAJ)

(2)—-Horn of Africa based in Somalia: Journalists for Human Rights

Contact Person: Ismail Sheikh Khalifa

Tel: +252615576080

Email: info@journalistsforhumanrights.org

Online: www.journalistsforhumanrights.org

(3) Pan African Agricultural Journalists (PAAJ)

Contact Person: Mr. STANLEY IHEDIGBO

Tel: +2347088101955

Email: paaj2010@gmail.com

Website: www.paaj.net

International Civil Society and UN Organizations Communications Officer Members:

(1)—Initernational Maritime Organization (IMO)

Contact Person: Natasha Brown, Media and Communications Officer Public Information Services, Legal Affairs and External Relations Divisione

Contact Addresses: nbrown@imo.org | t: +44 (0)20 7587 3274 | w: www.imo.org

(2)—The International League of Conservation Writers (ILCW)

Contact person: Patty Maher, ILCW Coordinator

Direct: 303-928-8220 * 303-277-1623 ext. 1220

Email: patty@ilcwriters.org


(3)—Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

Contact person: Muthoki Mumo, East Africa Correspondent

Tel: +254796158805

Email: mmumo@cpj.org

Online: www.cpj.org