Peace transforming through Intercultural Media Footage to avert Climate Change

A message from the World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) due to its noble objective code of conduct as is a set of rule and can be in which outlining, connecting and judging the social norms, Governmental charters and religious rules.

Despite the human being family on the Earth was nomadic and uneducated society for how to write their langueculture sound before the theology messages from God with different typical norm version of Arabic. After that, human being have shared to retype it and choice how they can rehanged from the typical origin to Latino alphabet through the soundest meaning voice.

However, everybody should know that all God manuscripts are the first Media mediation lettering in which is the collective communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data.

“We Working towards a world where every individual with an Islam phobia or is new generation like me has a care adage that includes a real theology and philanthropist ideal dispatch accountable for our common lifelong holy manuscript bill of rights “said WOFIJ President Mr. Daud Abdi Daud

“Apart from the, land territorial states of nations WOFIJ joined the E-government institutions operating through internet based platforms whereas the converging and diverging principles of secular human rights goals and religious values have been debated extensively”. Mr. Daud added

On the other hand, there are historical and contemporary instances in which oppressors have used religious doctrines to endorse discrimination and violence against marginalized groups. Around the world, people continue to suffer daily from these acts of hate.

The World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) is permitted to be pathfinder initiative and mediate the community without feeling fear of edging struggles from the political leaders and extremist groups.

Promoting intercultural adages can only reduce and defeat the global warming and climate change issues.

For more information and interviews you can reach WOFIJ President on +252616349997 or Email:

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