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WOFIJ hopes to expand the Intercultural Journalism knowledge Scope on 2018 to avert Languecultural argues

Following the creation of the World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) late this past year, we have watched events unfold with concern and a certain amount of resignation. Corruption, lack of transparency, and unchecked greed at the highest ranks of global society are widening the gap between the rich and the poor, and weakening the formations of democracy around the world.

“In what seemed to me as the president of WOFIJ like the brightest way to reach wide audiences on global issues that define our time. I grew up in a very global home and that opened my eyes to why it matters to know what happens beyond our borders. I know many people don’t have that opportunity “said Hon. Daud Abdi Daud

“So I am very proud that we have been so successful at reaching millions with reporting that simply wouldn’t happen without the WOFIJ support. From Tradition to theology, and on issues that affect us all, perhaps now more than ever: peace and security, the environment, human rights, hate-speech, global health, migration. And our education programs are making sure youth begin to make connections between the communities”. Mr. Daud added

WOFIJ believes that journalists, meanwhile, are systematically being undermined by global leaders who don’t want the public to know about what they are doing and their true ambitions. The tellers of truth are always the first victims in bad times.

This assault on journalism is real: 52 journalists were killed this year with 178 still behind bars.

As intercultural journalist’s confederation, we need to be watchdogs for the public, but as democratic societies face threats to foundational values, their challenges become our challenges. When political leaders charge “fake news!” to discredit the media and brand journalists as ‘enemies of the state,’ they license double cultural extremists to act in violent ways.

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