Theoculture feature: Take the terror obtainable of writing

Whereas the Global society misinformation causes reckless adaptation towards holy theology in which is expressing the relationship between a part who agreed it and a whole community around them especially for those who are in skeptic mass?

This holy theology has come up with a tactful pre -measurement theory holy chapters written as Arabic version script with openness conscience by typical way of sense of right and wrong but be determined by the ongoing nature timeline due to the geofreedom knowledge based on her graphical representation of a period of time, on which important events are marked.

Whereas as expected by God, the human being in this world and for those living out of it but not far from the downward there is always a renewal theoculture crisis motivated by religious scholars and policy makers in which resulted land disputes and prolonged philosophy conflicts.

All the same, each community has had its own holy philosophy manuscript in which they don’t think it over that the acceptable outcomes can rely on thru whether it can be or not in one way or another related the ongoing time permits

According to article number four within the chapter 46 of God’s holy Koran whereas the determination is expressing the existence of such unlawful community union especially for those living from the sky livelihood to the land livelihood if not that there is a similar formula have a duty to meet. In that order, within the article four stated above our God has his give or take result objecting by means of respecting whatever motives is as always next.

The Time has come up with serious community argues and religiously motivated armed violence’s in across the world and as result of that God renewed one of his prophets within the holy Koran script by keeping up his territory championship in order to better be optimistic in a changing theoculture footprint adages and do correction by his own holy Koran publicity as well as the ownership matters.

Costively, this world generation is under threat for whatever aspects from both the digital age time and the armed enforcements age among the communities in the past and the current including the motives ahead.

However, the holy Koran chapters are vigilant rule while expressing the relationship between a ruler or measure and a value. That is way our God was trained me and informed me that I’ am prophet Daud who is God’s religion attorney general  so everybody has his own rights to know meet and ask what about on his awareness in which you are supposed to witness as informative and educative way of life expectancy.

On behal of my God who is on the earth and its living thing’s God, I’ am your dispatch carrier on this terrible of time in which was not allowed me to be killed by bullets due to God whereas the meaning is obtaining how God is vigilant by allocating a composer person who can advocate the common sense for peace signs unity if not the divisions take place wherever and whatever reason.

Theology Feature wrote by: Rev. Sayed Daud Abdi Daud

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