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The World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) overjoyed to help improve the quality journalism in Africa and funds the Pan African Agricultural Journalists (PAAJ) online database connection.

The Pan African Agricultural Journalists (PAAJ) is a network and regional association founded in June 2017, dedicated to promoting education, understanding and awareness of the agriculture through the honest and accurate reporting of local, regional and international agricultural and development issues.

PAAJ is a nonprofit and nonpartisan, which is a continental body of professionals from many different countries in Africa with different 54 national journalists associations and grassroots media – representing over two thousand five hundred (2500) journalists and media practitioners in across Africa.

“Reporting Agriculture in many different countries with different cultures is imperative that is wh WOFIJ needs to designate and train intercultural issues reporting by its member journalists associations by increasing the number of reporters who cover the area and just as many media today designate reporters to cover politics, financial markets, and other specific “beats.” Said Mr. Farai Matebvu, WOFIJ African Region Director

“Now our African region has had a new Agricultural journalist’s initiative in which is gigantic due to the reason being behind WOFIJ Strategically because is that the media practitioners face the challenge to identify resources that could provide early notification about developing stories related to humanity issues though food and Agriculture is the first human being needs” Mr. Farai Matebvu added

Obviously, the new PAAJ website is www.paaj.net though the World Federation of Intercultural Journalists (WOFIJ) demands to develop African media professionals in order to allow them report from across the continent without feeling fear for counterfeit news record.


For more information and interviews you can reach Mr. Farai Matebvu on +263 773 764 958 +263 714156967 or via Email: mfarai@ifdr-wofij.org

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